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Smile design

Creating a beautiful smile is an art, as unique and individual as a person’s features.
With clear vision, accurate treatment planning and high quality materials, our highly skilled dentists can create the perfect smile for you.

Do you want to improve your smile but don’t know where to start?

A person’s smile can have a great impact on their lives. Our SMILE DESIGN facility lets you choose the smile that you want before you start any kind of treatment using our latest smile design principles.

Your consultation will help you discover the best smile for you…

Our cosmetic dentists have a passion for beauty and creativity, and their artistic sense reflects their ability to interpret the end look based on your individual features.
A person’s face, eyes, colouring, lip-line and gum tissue contouring are all considered in the smile design process to give you a truly beautiful smile to be proud of.

During your initial smile design consultation, the dentist will seek to understand your desired look and what you want to achieve.
Measurements and digital photographs are taken, then using some temporary materials, our dentist will create a temporary version of your new smile in your mouth based on the requirements discussed. This is called Temporary Smile Modelling.
This temporary version can be tweaked as many times as necessary until you are fully happy with how your new smile will look.

What is Temporary Smile Modelling?

Temporary Smile Modelling in a non-invasive process, whereby great attention to detail is given on a tooth-by-tooth basis. Temporary materials such as wax ups, temporary veneers and temporary crowns are created to create a mock-up of your new smile.
You will then be able to try this temporary version in your mouth and any modification can be made at this stage. The permanent version will only be created once you are fully satisfied with your new smile.

Do you have any specific image aspirations or desires?

Extensive research has shown that a person’s image and looks is highly influenced by their smile and could be categorised into sophisticated, sporty, sexy & confident smiles. How do you want to appear to others? How do you want to feel as a result of your new smile? Do you want a combination of a couple of key looks? Considering these questions will help the dentist ascertain your needs and help you achieve the results you are looking for.

By working together you will be one step closer to having a new beautiful smile!

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