Here to make you smile

5 arguments for Rathgar Dental

1. Fully comprehensive service in one place!

Our belief is to assist patients into making informed choices, therefore discussing and explaining Treatment Proposals in great detail.
We listen and recommend long-term solutions best suited to our patients needs and budget.

2. The highest standards of dental care!

At Rathgar Dental, we bring you the highest standards of dental care and help each patient recognise that a bright smile, healthy, problem-free mouth and good dental health is a very achievable goal.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best care and optimum standards, whilst ensuring that you are in the most capable hands of our highly qualified dental team.

3. The latest materials and technology!

Rathgar Dental works with laboratories that use the latest materials and technology resulting in teeth that look perfectly natural. We also use Bio – Organic materials that are kind to the body, such as metal free crowns, full ceramic veneers and inlays.

4. Providing you with great peace of mind – Guaranteed!

Rathgar Dental provides the highest level of aftercare and support during and after your treatmen.

5. Patient care!

Our team has an outstanding and professional approach to patient care, treatments, and after-care. Surrounded by a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, our highly qualified Dentists will look after all your Dental needs and advise on all aspects of Dental & Oral Health.

„We treat the person, not just teeth!”