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15% discount on metal free dental crowns

Do you need a dental crown?

Today’s advanced technology and materials allow us to restore teeth in the most conservative, functional, and aesthetic approach ever possible. If you’ve ever had metal fillings or metal based crowns, you know that they can detract from the natural beauty of your smile. Metal-free crowns have natural appearance, reflect light in a way that makes them look and feel exactly like a natural tooth.

We are offering a 15% discount on metal free dental crowns manufactured using digital impressions.

Digital impressions are one of the wonders of modern dentistry, benefitting dentist and patient alike.  Dental digital impression systems at Rathgar Dental capture intraoral scans of a patient’s teeth and gingival tissue to generate a 3D digital model that can be used for CAD/CAM dentistry. This is a virtual scan that creates a map of your teeth.

To sum up, the benefits of our digital intraoral scanner include:

  • Time savings
  • Very high accuracy of 3D dental models
  • Comfortable patient experience – no gagging anymore
  • Perfect fit of any dental restoration including crowns

Whatever reason you need dental crowns, metal-free crowns are a great way to cover the damage and protect your oral health.

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